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Preserving Culture
Building Community

Jones Cafe

Jones Cafe  is a social enterprise developed to transition a vacant property into a productive reuse as a

 culture and community incubator space.

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Since 2018, our team has stewarded, activated and built community around this vacant  property located in the historic Pleasant Hill Neighborhood. The building was originally built as First Congregational Church in 1918 and renamed the Bobby Jones Performing Arts Center in 1998. Our goal is to connect people to its legacy through cultural preservation and community engagement in order to reclaim this space and reimagine it as a revenue generating asset. 


We're transitioning a vacant property and celebrating the legacy of this space using arts and culture. 


We're building community and creating a new legacy to enhance neighborhood stability. 


We're creating a gathering space for people to live, love, and learn about Pleasant Hill. 

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Photo Courtesy of Mercer University

Celebrating the legacy of
Dr. Bobby Jones


Jones Cafe honors the former Bobby Jones Performing Arts Center, an institution named for educator and first tenured African American professor at Mercer University, Dr. Bobby Jones.  


Dr. Jones was an educator and community leader in the city of Macon. A parishioner of St. Peter Claver and graduate of Ballard Normal School , he is a true son of Pleasant Hill. He was  a Graduate of Morehouse College and Columbia University. His most famous phrase, "Be a bridge builder" was reflected in his life and work. 


He served as the first Black principal at Willingham High School (now Southwest HS) and became the first Black tenured professor at Mercer University. He served in many board roles including as the first board chair of the Tubman African American Museum.  


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